Cyber Insurance
made simple

Our company is formulated of insurance and engineering expertise. We're committed to building  solutions that provide our customers with the best cyber insurance cover.

Cyber Cover Team

We're Changing Online Cyber Cover

Cyber Cover was created by two brothers on a mission to provide the best level of cyber insurance through technology and help protect SME’s across the UK.
After discussing the WannaCry ransomware attack back in May 2017 over a family meal, the two discussed ways businesses could insure their data quickly and easily. The idea for creating a simple online platform to deliver cyber and data insurance for SMEs was born. Originally called Cyber Covered, we provided cyber insurance for organisations from a single insurer through our online platform. Quickly we had enquiries from businesses of all sizes who required multiple cyber insurance quotes.
Our team had to obtain these quotations from multiple providers and deliver the quotes to our clients by email with a flurry of PDF attachments. We knew there had to be a better, easier way to compare the differences and benefits whilst also providing great service. This realisation led us to spend countless development hours building the UK's first cyber insurance comparison platform and becoming Cyber Cover.
Today, the team has grown significantly with an office established in the heart of London on Cornhill, a stones throw from the famous Lloyd’s of London building. With the release of our cyber insurance comparison platform, we are proud to say the future looks bright for Cyber Cover and we can't wait to help your organisation mitigate cyber risk.

Our Core Values

Simple Process

Fast online quotation and intuitive comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Best Cover

We aim to provide our clients with appropriate cover at the most affordable prices.

Great Service

Whether online or through one of our experts, we want you to have a great experience.


Creating a Better Cyber Experience

We're committed to leading the charge in creating the ultimate cyber insurance comparison platform for businesses, charities, education establishments and associations in the UK.
Leveraging modern technology and expert broking knowledge with a strong emphasis on great customer experience, we have created a platform that will deliver the best options for market leading cyber insurance coverage quickly and clearly.

Our Partners

We always aim to provide exceptional customer service and value to clients. Our cyber insurance policies are underwritten by the worlds leading insurers.

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