Cyber Insurance for Media & Entertainment

An industry reliant on digital content and proprietary intellectual property requires effective cyber risk mitigation and critical incident support.

Cyber Insurance for Media & Entertainment

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Why Is Cyber Insurance Important
for Media & Entertainment?

In the digitally-driven world of media and entertainment, cyber insurance is not just a safety measure, but a strategic necessity. This industry, bustling with digital content and proprietary intellectual property, is increasingly vulnerable to a spectrum of cyber threats. Cyber insurance plays a critical role in mitigating these risks, offering comprehensive protection to ensure the industry’s vibrant creativity and connection with audiences remain uninterrupted and secure.

Data Breach Protection

The media and entertainment industry collects and stores a wealth of customer data, including payment and personal details. A data breach can not only lead to substantial financial losses but also damage the trust of audiences and stakeholders. Cyber insurance is vital in covering the wide-ranging costs associated with breaches, such as legal defense, compensation, and rectification expenses, and in managing the fallout from such incidents.

Safeguard Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the heart of the media and entertainment sector. Unauthorized access or theft of digital content, scripts, music, or videos can have devastating effects on revenue and competitive standing. Cyber insurance offers a financial cushion, helping to recover losses from IP breaches and funding legal battles to protect proprietary content.

Mitigate Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks, targeting digital assets and systems, can bring productions to a standstill, locking out essential data and causing substantial operational disruptions. Cyber insurance is essential in providing the resources for ransom negotiations, system restoration, and recovery measures, minimizing downtime and financial impact.

Crisis Management and Reputation Recovery

The reputation of a media or entertainment firm is its most valuable asset. A cyber incident can significantly tarnish this reputation. Cyber insurance plays a crucial role in crisis management, covering the costs of public relations campaigns and other strategies to rebuild and maintain public trust and confidence post-incident.

DDoS Attack Resilience

Online platforms and services in the media and entertainment industry are particularly susceptible to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks can shut down websites and streaming services, leading to significant revenue losses and customer dissatisfaction. Cyber insurance aids in swift recovery from such attacks, covering the costs of restoring services and implementing stronger defenses against future incidents.
As the media and entertainment industry continues to expand its digital footprint, the significance of cyber insurance grows concurrently. It’s an essential tool that not only protects financial and intellectual assets but also ensures the sustainability and growth of businesses in this vibrant sector.

Cyber Threats to Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry, deeply intertwined with digital technology, is increasingly exposed to a range of cyber threats. These threats not only disrupt business operations but also threaten the integrity of valuable content and sensitive data. As this industry continues to innovate and grow, understanding and mitigating these threats is crucial for safeguarding its digital landscape.

Content Theft and Piracy

The industry’s reliance on digital platforms for content distribution makes it vulnerable to piracy and content theft. Cybercriminals can illegally access and distribute copyrighted material, leading to significant financial losses and undermining the value of original content.

Data Breaches

Media companies often store large volumes of personal and financial data of customers and employees. Breaches can lead to sensitive information being exposed, resulting in reputational damage, loss of consumer trust, and potential legal and regulatory repercussions.

Operational Disruption

The industry is a lucrative target for ransomware attacks, which can encrypt critical digital assets. These attacks can halt productions, disrupt broadcasting, and lead to substantial financial demands, severely impacting business continuity and profitability.

Phishing and Social Engineering

Employees in media and entertainment companies can be targeted by sophisticated phishing schemes, aimed at gaining unauthorised access to financial accounts or sensitive corporate information, often leading to monetary loss or data breaches.

Insider Threats

The sector is also susceptible to insider threats, where individuals within the organization intentionally or inadvertently compromise security. This can result in the leak of unreleased content, sensitive business information, or personal data.
The media and entertainment industry, while driving digital innovation, must remain vigilant against these evolving cyber threats. Robust cyber security measures and comprehensive cyber insurance policies are vital in protecting against potential risks, ensuring the industry’s creative output and digital assets are secure in an ever-connected world.

Consequences of Data Breach and Litigation

A UK-based visual effects company subcontracted work to a post-production company for the creation of a computer-generated cat. Due to a miscommunication, the cat produced by the subcontractor included claws, contrary to the specific request from the visual effects company's end client. The visual effects company, having cyber insurance, was able to file a claim to cover the additional costs incurred in editing the cat to meet the client's specifications. This insurance claim helped prevent a potentially larger breach of contract claim, and the matter was settled for approximately £25,000.

What Does Cyber Insurance Cover?

Breach Response

Any business holding personal information is at risk of a data breach, be it from an external cyber-attack to a simple employee error such as sharing a confidential document with the wrong party or losing a company device lick as laptop or USB stick.

Legal & Regulatory costs

From the costs of complying with a regulatory investigation following the loss of client data, such as the ICO or the payment card industry (PCI), to claims from third parties, legal and regulatory expenses can rapidly escalate following a cyber event. Our cyber policy is here to pick up these costs and provide you with the specialists in these legal areas to fully support and defend your business.

Business Interruption

Cyber induced business interruption can strike at any time and be very costly to a business or organisation. An interruption to the IT network or systems can quickly escalate into a threat to a business. From sophisticated external threats, such as ransomware or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on a website, to simple operator error such as unplugging the wrong server or a system crash when updating.

Hacking & Cyber Extortion

If hackers gain access to your data or systems, a cyber insurance policy will pay to put right any damage, corruption or misuse of your computer systems or programmes that has occurred. The policy covers recovery of copied or stolen programmes and repairing data held electronically. Should the business suffer a ransomware attack or a denial of service (DoS) attack, the policy will look to provide a solution for the business.

Cyber Crime

Cover for common cyber attacks used by organised cyber criminals such as phishing, ransomware and malware. This includes electronic transfer of your funds as a result of a data breach breach or social engineering, including costs incurred should you suffer telephone hacking.

Data Restoration

Should a cyber or data incident occur it's normally vital to restore lost or corrupted data. This is an important process but expensive. Specialists assist you with trying to restore any lost data or fix systems damaged by a cyber attack.


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