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Cyber Insurance for Construction

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Why Is Cyber Insurance Important
for Construction?

In the evolving landscape of the construction industry, where technology increasingly intersects with physical building processes, cyber insurance emerges as a vital protective layer. As construction companies integrate more digital tools and data-driven systems, they become exposed to various cyber risks that can disrupt operations and incur significant financial losses. Cyber insurance not only provides a financial safety net but also ensures the continuity of construction projects in the face of digital threats.

Data Breach Protection

Construction companies store sensitive project data and client information. A data breach can lead to significant financial and reputational damage. Cyber insurance covers associated costs, such as legal fees and customer notifications, helping businesses recover swiftly.

Ransomware Attack Resilience

With increasing reliance on digital systems, construction companies are vulnerable to ransomware attacks that can lock critical project data. Cyber insurance aids in ransom negotiations and data recovery, minimizing project delays and financial losses.

Protection Against Business Interruption

A cyber attack can halt construction projects, leading to costly delays. Cyber insurance covers lost income and additional operational expenses, ensuring business continuity even during disruptions.

Coverage for Third-Party Liabilities

In the event of a cyber incident affecting third parties, such as subcontractors or clients, construction companies may face liability claims. Cyber insurance provides coverage for legal defense and settlements, safeguarding the company’s financial stability.

Compliance with Industry Regulations

The construction industry is subject to various regulations, including data protection laws. Cyber insurance helps manage the costs of regulatory non-compliance, covering potential fines and legal expenses.

Access to Expert Support

Cyber insurance policies provide access to cyber security experts, offering invaluable guidance for construction firms that may lack in-house IT expertise. This support is crucial in quickly addressing and mitigating cyber incidents.
As the construction industry increasingly embraces digital technologies, the need for comprehensive cyber insurance becomes paramount. It’s a strategic tool that not only protects against potential financial losses but also enhances the resilience and credibility of construction companies in the digital age.

Cyber Threats to Professional Services

The construction industry's increasing reliance on digital technology and data-driven processes has opened it up to a spectrum of cyber threats. As construction firms integrate sophisticated software and IoT devices into their operations, they must be vigilant against potential digital risks that can disrupt projects and compromise sensitive information.

Data Breach Risks

Construction companies store a plethora of sensitive information, including architectural plans, client data, and financial details. A breach could result in critical information being stolen or manipulated, leading to substantial financial loss, legal ramifications, and erosion of client confidence and trust.

Increased Vulnerability to Ransomware Attacks

The industry's dependency on digital project management tools and data storage makes it a prime target for ransomware. Such attacks can encrypt vital project data, leading to delays and cost overruns. Recovering from these attacks often requires significant financial expenditure and expertise, further exacerbating the disruption caused.

Phishing Scams and Social Engineering

Employees in construction firms are often targeted by phishing scams designed to extract sensitive information. These attacks can lead to unauthorised access to the company’s networks, financial loss due to fraudulent transactions, and further cyber intrusions.

Insider Threats and Security Breaches

Insider threats in construction can stem from both intentional malfeasance and accidental mishandling of data by employees or contractors. These threats can lead to significant security breaches, impacting both project confidentiality and overall business integrity.

IoT Device Security

With the adoption of IoT devices for monitoring and managing construction sites, there is an increased risk of these devices being compromised. Hacking of IoT devices can lead to unauthorized access to larger network systems, data manipulation, or even physical damage to the construction site.

Third-Party Vendor Security Weaknesses

Collaborations with various vendors and subcontractors, each with their own cyber security measures, can introduce additional risks. A breach in any of these third parties can compromise the entire project, leading to data loss and operational disruptions.
The integration of technology in the construction industry, while beneficial, brings with it a range of cyber threats that require careful management. It is imperative for construction companies to strengthen their cybersecurity measures and consider comprehensive cyber insurance as a critical component of their risk management strategy. This approach ensures not only the protection of their digital assets but also the smooth and secure execution of their construction projects.

Consequences of Data Breach and Litigation

A construction company fell victim to a $10 million ransomware attack. With no viable backups, they sought assistance from their insurance, engaging private counsel and forensic experts for investigation. Luckily, no personally identifiable information was compromised, eliminating the need for notifications. The insurance facilitated ransom negotiation, reducing the demand to $5 million. While covered by the policy, the incident still led to significant business interruption and data recovery expenses. The insured submitted a $3 million proof of loss for business interruption and data recovery, later adding an extra $1 million for project delays. The insurance provider paid out a total of $9 million, covering these costs, including the $5 million extortion payment.

What Does Cyber Insurance Cover?

Breach Response

Any business holding personal information is at risk of a data breach, be it from an external cyber-attack to a simple employee error such as sharing a confidential document with the wrong party or losing a company device lick as laptop or USB stick.

Legal & Regulatory costs

From the costs of complying with a regulatory investigation following the loss of client data, such as the ICO or the payment card industry (PCI), to claims from third parties, legal and regulatory expenses can rapidly escalate following a cyber event. Our cyber policy is here to pick up these costs and provide you with the specialists in these legal areas to fully support and defend your business.

Business Interruption

Cyber induced business interruption can strike at any time and be very costly to a business or organisation. An interruption to the IT network or systems can quickly escalate into a threat to a business. From sophisticated external threats, such as ransomware or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on a website, to simple operator error such as unplugging the wrong server or a system crash when updating.

Hacking & Cyber Extortion

If hackers gain access to your data or systems, a cyber insurance policy will pay to put right any damage, corruption or misuse of your computer systems or programmes that has occurred. The policy covers recovery of copied or stolen programmes and repairing data held electronically. Should the business suffer a ransomware attack or a denial of service (DoS) attack, the policy will look to provide a solution for the business.

Cyber Crime

Cover for common cyber attacks used by organised cyber criminals such as phishing, ransomware and malware. This includes electronic transfer of your funds as a result of a data breach breach or social engineering, including costs incurred should you suffer telephone hacking.

Data Restoration

Should a cyber or data incident occur it's normally vital to restore lost or corrupted data. This is an important process but expensive. Specialists assist you with trying to restore any lost data or fix systems damaged by a cyber attack.


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