Cyber Insurance for Healthcare

Technology plays an important role in healthcare delivery, providers must take steps to reduce digital risk and minimise disruption to patient care.

Cyber Insurance for Healthcare

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Why Do Healthcare Providers Need Cyber Insurance?

As the healthcare industry increasingly integrates technology into every facet of patient care and administration, it becomes ever more essential to safeguard this digital ecosystem. Cyber insurance offers healthcare providers a shield against the many cyber risks that threaten not only their operational ability but also the confidentiality and trust inherent in patient care.

Protecting Patient Data

In healthcare, patient data is not just confidential; it's a cornerstone of care. Cyber insurance is crucial because it helps protect this sensitive information from breaches, which can have severe consequences, including identity theft and violation of privacy laws.

Compliance with Regulations

Healthcare providers are bound by stringent regulations like HIPAA in the U.S., which mandate the protection of patient data. Cyber insurance can cover the legal and regulatory penalties that arise from data breaches, helping healthcare institutions maintain compliance and avoid hefty fines.

Minimise Operational Disruption

A cyber attack can disrupt healthcare operations, leading to delayed treatments and services. Cyber insurance can cover the loss of income and additional expenses incurred during the downtime, ensuring that healthcare services can be resumed as quickly as possible.

Providing Access to Expertise

In the event of a cyber incident, having immediate access to cybersecurity experts is invaluable. Cyber insurance policies often include support from experts who specialize in healthcare cybersecurity, ensuring that healthcare providers have the guidance they need to navigate the aftermath of a cyber incident effectively.
Cyber insurance for healthcare providers not only helps managing financial risks it also ensures the continuity and integrity of healthcare services in a digitally dependent world. With cyber threats on the rise, it's an essential layer of protection for any healthcare provider.

Cyber Threats to Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers, in their mission to deliver excellent patient care, face unique challenges in the digital realm. The nature of patients sensitive digital data and increasing reliance on technology has exposed them to various cyber threats, each with the potential to disrupt care and compromise patient trust.

Ransomware Attacks

Due to sensitive digital data held by healthcare providers, these attacks are becoming far more prevalent in healthcare, where hackers encrypt patient data and demand a ransom. Such attacks can cripple critical healthcare systems, delay treatments, and risk patient safety.

Data Breaches

Healthcare data is highly sensitive and valuable. Unauthorised access to patient records can lead to identity theft, financial fraud, and breach of privacy. Healthcare providers must guard against such breaches to protect patient confidentiality and comply with legal regulations.

Phishing Attacks

Cybercriminals often use deceptive emails to trick healthcare staff into disclosing sensitive information. These scams can lead to significant data breaches or financial loss.

Insider Threats

Sometimes, the threat comes from within the organisation. Employees with access to sensitive data can unintentionally or maliciously expose the healthcare provider to risks.

Supply Chain Attacks

Healthcare providers are part of an interconnected supply chain that can be exploited by cybercriminals to gain access to their systems. Cyber attacks or data breaches on healthcare suppliers often leads to operational issues affecting patient care and treatment.
Preparing for these threats is crucial for healthcare providers to ensure the safety, privacy, and trust of their patients while maintaining the continuity of care. Cyber insurance plays a key role in mitigating these risks, offering support and recovery resources in the event of a cyber incident

Consequences of Data Breach and Litigation

The WannaCry ransomware attack, which occurred globally in May 2017, targeted PCs running Windows, encrypting data and demanding a ransom. This widespread attack impacted 200,000 PCs across 156 countries, including various NHS trusts in the UK. Many NHS Trusts had to close network access as a protective measure, leading to significant disruptions such as ambulance services being affected, with handover processes and patient transport service booking portals disabled.

What Does Cyber Insurance Cover?

Breach Response

Any business holding personal information is at risk of a data breach, be it from an external cyber-attack to a simple employee error such as sharing a confidential document with the wrong party or losing a company device lick as laptop or USB stick.

Legal & Regulatory costs

From the costs of complying with a regulatory investigation following the loss of client data, such as the ICO or the payment card industry (PCI), to claims from third parties, legal and regulatory expenses can rapidly escalate following a cyber event. Our cyber policy is here to pick up these costs and provide you with the specialists in these legal areas to fully support and defend your business.

Business Interruption

Cyber induced business interruption can strike at any time and be very costly to a business or organisation. An interruption to the IT network or systems can quickly escalate into a threat to a business. From sophisticated external threats, such as ransomware or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on a website, to simple operator error such as unplugging the wrong server or a system crash when updating.

Hacking & Cyber Extortion

If hackers gain access to your data or systems, a cyber insurance policy will pay to put right any damage, corruption or misuse of your computer systems or programmes that has occurred. The policy covers recovery of copied or stolen programmes and repairing data held electronically. Should the business suffer a ransomware attack or a denial of service (DoS) attack, the policy will look to provide a solution for the business.

Cyber Crime

Cover for common cyber attacks used by organised cyber criminals such as phishing, ransomware and malware. This includes electronic transfer of your funds as a result of a data breach breach or social engineering, including costs incurred should you suffer telephone hacking.

Data Restoration

Should a cyber or data incident occur it's normally vital to restore lost or corrupted data. This is an important process but expensive. Specialists assist you with trying to restore any lost data or fix systems damaged by a cyber attack.


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